"Many people do not realize that when you run a car or truck on gasoline of diesel fuel, you are actually running it on hydrogen. And all we are doing is using the hydrogen from water. And under the National Bureau of Standards figures shows that when you use water, the energy release is roughly two and a half times more powerful then that of gasoline. So water is a very powerful fuel." Stan Meyers 1992

With Hydrogen Generators You Can Save Money
Every Time You Fill Your Tank!

What Can A HHO System Do For You?
BulletSave 25%- 75%
On Fuel Costs

Save Hundreds of Dollars Using Only a little Water...  If You Can Follow Simple Illustrated Instructions, You can Convert Your Vehicle in a Hybrid.


Turn Your Car Into A Hydrogen Hybrid Now

HHO Generator Kits - How to Build a DIY HHO generator kit to power your car

Want to build a HHO generator kit, but have no idea how to start? Well, is not that difficult once you get the instructions. Here is a summary of how you can build your very own HHO generator kit using components purchased from a local hardware store.

Hydrogen Hybrid 3

Vacuum Pressure Hydrogen fuel cell defeats high gas prices using hydrogen from H2O.

Moteur a eau Meyer - Hydrogene

This works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks and SUVs.
Works with plain tap water. You don’t need to buy any fancy water or dilute with any additives. Whatever comes out of your kitchen faucet or garden hose is completely sufficient.
You only need to use 32 ounces of water or so at a time – that’s it!
This is the most efficient kit. You will produce 3 times more energy than is required for HHO production. It will work on both carburetor and fuel injected engines.
You will have fewer carbon build up problems and the engine power and performance will be greatly enhanced. This creates a lean fuel mixture and adjusts your car’s computer to run on this mixture. Less gas and more oxygen and hydrogen. The kit can be used in hot and cold weather – so it is perfectly safe for anywhere in the world.
BulletCut Emissions In
Half Or Better
Bullet Extend The Life
Of Your Engine.. 

Hydrogen Car Kit
4-8 Cylinder Engines
Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators
RV Hydrogen
Generator Kits
Hydrogen Generators

Commercial Fishing
Boats HHO Kits
Hydrogen Generators

Semi Trucks
Hydrogen Generator Kits

Hydrogen Generators
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HHO generators use a small portion of the electricity created from your vehicle's battery to create hydrogen electrolysis. Hydrogen On Demand

Hydrogen electrolysis produces HHO Gas; it is one of the most clean, free and simple ways to create energy.

It is extremely effective and it burns superbly, providing the atomic power of hydrogen while still preserving the chemical stability of water.
Why Buy A Hydrogen Generator
Design From Our Company?

Experience and knowledge first of all, but more important the value we place on our costumers. We understand there are lot of systems on the market and over the years we have seen the majority fall by the wayside and disappear. When we put our customers first, all the ingredients for a successful business and a sound product line fall into place.

Sound science and quality product development, is what we have strived for from the beginning. All of our generator systems have roots that lead to Bob Boyce along with the research and development he has gained over the last 35 years. We would like to thank Bob for his continued support on our generators and pulse width modulators.

The history of HHO shall always be marked by his extraordinary contribution to the industry. So to Bob Boyce we give credit, and to the customers of Hydrogen Water Cars we give them the future of hydrogen and our gratitude.
DIY Hydrogen Parts

Building Your Own HHO Gas System?
We carry an array of DIY hydrogen parts from 316l stainless steel, float sensors, reservoir tanks, bubblers, MAP or MAF Sensor Enhancers, EFIE's, HHO Chips and more. Please see our DIY Hydrogen page.
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Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators
When its comes to running your motorhome with a hydrogen injection generator, fuel costs are cut considerably. A motorhome fitted with a hydrogen injection system, will experience 20% to 50% better gas mileage and works with either diesel or gasoline engines.

HHO Kits For Commercial Fishing Boats
Commercial fishing boats with a supplemental hydrogen generator can give owners an edge over the competition. You can experience longer periods between fuel refilling.

Commercial Working Vehicles
Hydrogen Generators
Commercial vehicles have been experiencing a average of 40% increase MPG. Our hydrogen conversion kits offer better gas mileage percentages then our competitors because of one thing our hydrogen generator design.

Make A Hydrogen Generator
We carry an array of DIY hydrogen parts. Whether you are building your own HHO generator or want to add to your existing hydrogen system.

FS2 HHO Chip
"Set It and Forget It" install a FS2 HHO chip made especially to go with hydrogen generators. Programmed specifically for your vehicle.

Automotive Performance Chip
The VP12 Automotive Performance Chips operating at 20MHZ has a ton of memory, this is a powerful dynamic soft-flasher programmed specifically for your vehicle.

Fuel Economy Chips
Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. The FS3 is a super gas saver without loosing torque or horsepower.

Hydrogen Conversion Kits
12 Things You Should Know. Converting your engine into a hydrogen hybrid may be easier than you realize.

Hydrogen On Demand
There is a misconception that Hydrogen On Demand is burning HHO Gas along with your gasoline or diesel fuel. Therefore increasing your miles per gallon or MPG. HHO Gas is a supplement to your fuel system, it helps burn your gasoline or diesel more efficiently.

Hydrogen Car Conversion - Computer Modification
There are only 2 things you need to start saving money on gas with a HHO generators.
1 - A Generator That Produces It Efficiently
2 - Adjustments To Your Vehicle's Computer (if fuel injected).

Fuel Saving Tips
The first and most important gas saving tip. To enjoy the full benefits of HHO Gas from your hydrogen generator you must start with a healthy clean running vehicle.

Turn your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid and save 20% - 80% on fuel costs, click here:

A Better Environment ! When you switch your car to become a water hybrid, you are producing cleaner emissions, thereby doing your part to keep the environment as clean as possible. Other cars are just hurting the situation. You can be part of the solution now! Learning the Facts about Water Hybrids !   There are a few things you need to know about water hybrids so you can understand why this kit is such a great asset to your car and your finances.


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